Case Study

FlipHTML5 Case Study: Riedel

RIEDEL Uses FlipHTML5 to Share Successes, Ideas, and Present Best Wine Glasses with Customers

RIEDEL is a family-owned, 300-year-old wine glass company, best known for its glassware designed to enhance different types of wines. The company has a history ...

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FlipHTML5 case study-Watch! Magazine

CBS WATCH! Magazine Uses FlipHTML5 in Subscription Page to Offer Fans a Preview

CBS Magazine also called Watch! Magazine was established in 2005, and estimatedly reaches 200,000 copies per edition and one million readers across the USA in ...

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FlipHTML5 case study-4MD

4MD Medical Hosts the 1000+ page Catalog on FlipHTML5

4MD Medical Solution, a leading US medical equipment and supplies distributor, has over 250,000 SKUS to serve Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Urgent care centers, ...

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FlipHTML5 case study-Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & Co Shares Their Jewelry Passion with Clients Via Fashion FlipBook

Gabriel & Co has founded in 1989 by brothers Jack and Dominick out of pure passion for fine jewelry. After over 30 years of development, ...

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FlipHTML5 case study-Saïd Business School

Saïd Business School Uses FlipHTML5 in its Enquiry Form Thank You Page and Email

Saïd Business School is the business school of the University of Oxford. As one of the top MBA schools in the world, it ranks 16th ...

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Best remote working tools for working remotely

Best Remote Working Tools: Ultimate Guideline for Team Collaboration, Communication & Content Creation

Sweating your way to work on public transport at 6.30 am during rush hour. Quick meal-deal at the desk for lunch. The daily grind of office ...

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Improve Webinar Conversion Rate with Flipbook-1

Improve Webinar Conversion Rate with Flipbook

Webinar comes in handy in a time of crisis when people stuck at home and have nothing to do. It’s a good time for people ...

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user flipbook to drive website performance

How flipbook content drives website sales

A good business website is like a storefront. It presents the image of a cooperation. Millennials and Gen Z (the main force of consumption) have got ...

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Top 8 Distance Teaching Tools to Make Interactive Content for Teachers and Students

Top Distance Teaching Tools to Make Interactive Content for Teachers and Students 2020

Distance teaching tools are widely used nowadays. These tools are establishing connections between teachers and students around the world. Today a teacher can teach students ...

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Customers Engaging Newsletter Guidelines For The Pandemic Lockdown

Customers Engaging Newsletter Guidelines for the Pandemic Lockdown

2020 will see more rise in newsletter marketing. As people reduce their outdoor activities and stay at home working, learning, and shopping, they spend extra ...

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