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In today's modern world, people search for ideal visiting attractions online before they call it a go. So it is essential to bring an immersive experience to online visitors. FlipHTML5 helps you create rich online content that encourages your clients to finally decide on the real sights.

Turn Online Searchers into Real Scene Visitors

Travel Agency

Attract clients with real scenes. FlipHTML5 allows you to embed videos,3D panoramas of the real scenes and other media into online travel content, offering an immersive experience to audiences.


Settle your tenants down in your hotel with HD pictures and a booking link embedded in your online travel materials. Or embed your online travel magazines/brochures in any tourism website to spread among people.

Tourist Guide

Convert conventional tourist brochures, guidebooks, or any other paper material into online ones and send your clients that particular link so that you and your clients don’t have to carry heavy paper along the way.​

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With fliphtml5

Convert Tourism Content into Online Immersive Experience

FlipHTML5 makes it easy to turn conventional printed travel materials into online ones. Embed 3D panorama of different attractions directly in the online travel magazines, brochures, guides so that audiences can experience as if they were on the scene and choose the right place to go.

Make Online Travel Publication Once and for All

To improve your work efficiency, FlipHTML5 helps you upload your travel material online once and you can use it in different ways. For instance, you can embed online travel magazines directly into your website, and then all website visitors can flip, enjoy and make decisions. Or you can share the travel publication via the link with your target clients in emails. And most importantly, if there is something wrong with the online publications, a direct change you make will be seen by all the people who open the link, further saving time, energy, and explanation.

Get Attention with Interactive Online Travel Content

In modern world, people are more attracted to interactive media, such as videos, audios, pictures, captions and so on. To get more attention, it is necessary to make your online travel publications more interactive. FlipHTML5 can help you. With just a few clicks, you can easily add all kinds of media. Embedding a video about the real life scenes in a particular travel destination is worth more than one thousand words and more travel information will be delivered.

Branding Your Online Travel Promoting Materials

Bring ideal Travel to People

Create Awesome Travel Magazine